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  • Launched in March 2014, CARMAnation offers three ways to play: You can offer your spot free of charge to members of the community; you can do something more along the lines of AirBnB, renting your space on an hourly to monthly basis and pocketing the profits; or you can donate the proceeds to one of five local charities (Guide Dogs for the Blind; the Bay Area chapters of the Make-a-Wish foundation and Habitat for Humanity; Raphael House, which offers shelter and assistance to low-income and homeless families; and Project Night Night, which supplies blankets, books and stuffed animals to homeless children).

  • If you have an empty driveway or parking space, rent it out on sites such as JustPark, ParkingPanda and CARMAnation for as little or long as you like. JustPark charges a 25 percent commission on parking revenues; ParkingPanda charges a 20 percent commission; and CARMAnation charges a 15 percent commission fee.

  • In the City Attorney’s eyes, the sharing economy is a place where value wouldn’t have existed before, a place that improves the lives of the public. Dorsey identified other parking companies such as CARMAnation and ParkatmyHouse as businesses which maximize the positive promise of the sharing economy to help motorists and create public benefit.

  • Not every parking app is going, however. CARMAnation relies on private driveways, and thus is unaffected by the city’s policy on public spaces. "You cannot monetize public assets for individual company gain. Just because an app can be built, doesn’t mean it should be," CEO and cofounder of CARMAnation told Business Insider in an email. "Our users share their PRIVATE available spots with one another. We aren’t looking to make a profit by taking advantage of the city or its residents.

  • KGO’s Elissa Harrington spoke with the co-founder of CARMAnation, a peer-to-peer app that allows people to rent out their private parking spots.

  • Apps such as CARMAnation that allow people to rent private parking spaces are not affected by the ban.

  • "Companies should look to help solve urban living issues through technology, instead of taking advantage of public property or city residents," said Ashley Cummings, co-founder of CARMAnation, a San Francisco startup that matches drivers with owners of private parking spaces.

  • Thanks to other innovative startups who heard Edwin M. Lee’s plea, there might be alternative solutions. For example, CARMAnation application lets users offer their private parking space for free, for a fee or for a donation to a charity. Check the video demo here and see below our email interview with Ashley Cummings, founder& VP of Communications about CARMAnation...

  • Another San Francisco startup called CARMAnation launched in February has the same general idea, but it is focusing on privately owned parking spaces, enabling users to provide access to spots for free, for cash or donations toward local charities.

  • Update: it turns out there’s a peer-to-peer service called CARMAnation that lets users swap and sell private parking spaces. Co-founder Ashley Cummings wrote to say San Francisco gave them a green light this week (which makes good sense given that the site involves the leasing of private property, and will increase parking resources.)

  • That leaves open a space for parking startsup like CARMAnation, launched in February, which allows San Francisco users to offer up short term rental of parking spots in their driveways, garages and parking lots.

  • Finally, at least one app is going legit with a similar "Airbnb for parking" idea: CARMAnation allows drivers to sell or trade their own private spaces to other uses.

  • CARMAnation is a Bay Area-based driveway sharing app. CARMAnation, and private parking sharing apps like it, will not be affected by the city’s ban, and may become the most viable option for the tech-minded driver without a driveway.

  • Thanks to the new sharing economy, you can find a place to stay with Airbnb and a ride to to get you there with Uber. Now, if you need a place to keep your car there’s CARMAnation.

  • Another app trying to reduce that time is CARMAnation. Its angle? Sell your private parking spaces for an average of $2 an hour. Launched in February, CARMAnation is a peer-to-peer sharing community of several thousand users who are both listing their spots and...

  • Another app trying to reduce that time is CARMAnation. Its angle? Sell your private parking spaces for an average of $2 an hour. Launched in February, CARMAnation is a peer-to-peer sharing community of several thousand users who are both listing their spots and renting other spots. The process is simple: drivers offer to share or swap their private unused parking spaces for free or cash value. They are also given the opportunity to donate towards a local charity.

  • Hoping to celebrate her birthday in San Francisco’s Marina district a month ago, Ashley Cummings and a guest circled the area for parking a little before 6 p.m. Finding none, they abandoned the plan and went elsewhere. The experience was all too familiar for Cummings, one of the masterminds behind CARMAnation, a startup that allows its users to share their unused private parking spaces.

  • Enter CARMAnation, a brand-new site that’ll do what no SF parking app has ever done before: help you find a spot and help you park in it for free. Here’s how it works: Register for free: Go to CARMAnation.com, connect with Facebook (or enter all of your info because you’re a hipster who deleted their Facebook), and they’ll give you access to the site and a profile. Once you’ve uploaded a super-responsible-looking profile picture of yourself, you have three options...

  • Enter CARMAnation. It’s a San Francisco-based tech startup founded in 2013 by Ilya Movshovich and Ashley Cummings that aims to help solve San Francisco’s parking problem by, you guessed it, tapping into the “sharing economy”. The concept is pretty simple. If you have a parking space, CARMAnation makes it easy to list and rent, Airbnb style. And then, of course, people will pay cash in order to use it when you aren’t (there’s an option to give your space away too). The company has added a twist as well — should you feel generous. It lets you donate the money earned from renting a parking space to a charity of your choice — it has five local non-profits signed up right now, and is looking to add more, depending on what people ask for.

  • CARMAnation.com. Airbnb for car parking spaces.

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