Frequently Asked Questions

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Hi there. Glad you made it. Looks like you've got some questions. Below are a few answers to help you on your way.

  • There are three ways you can offer your spot, and only makes money on one.

    • When you offer your spot for cash value, we retain 15% on the transaction.
    • When you offer your spot for charity, we merely retain the $0.30 fee per transaction, which we ourselves are charged. The additional amount goes directly to the charity.
    • When you trade your spot for free, we receive satisfaction and charge $0.00.
  • You do! We want each person to have control over their own spots. You own the spot, so you should be able to set the price and decide how much you make for renting it out.

  • CARMAnation does not charge a listing fee. However, please note that the only time we make money from your spot is when you post your space for a fee. CARMAnation will collect 15% of the total amount the spot is rented for.

  • We take your security very seriously and look to protect it as best we can.

    We have selected to implement into our secure process a company called Stripe.

    Thousands of businesses and organizations are using Stripe today: Fortune 500 companies, rapidly-growing startups, side projects, nonprofits, and everything in between.

    For more information on how secure Stripe is, please visit: https://stripe.com/help/security.

  • On CARMAnation’s home page you will click “Find a Spot”, where you can type the address of where you are going and it will return a number of spots located in that area,  at the time you need it. You can then select the space that best fits your needs by clicking, “Reserve this Spot Now”.

  • Your reserved parking is refundable for up to 24 hours prior to the beginning of your reservation (unless otherwise stated by the owner). In order to cancel, please contact the spot owner and let them know you need to cancel. The spot owner is responsible for refunding your money, as CARMAnation does not hold any of the funds. Note, the $0.30 transaction fee will not be refunded, as that is what Stripe charges the spot owner for each transaction.

  • Yes you can - we understand that things come up, and you might change your mind. All that we ask is that you let the current renter stay in the space until the expiration of the agreement. You can remove your space by going to “My Account” and then clicking “Your Spots”. Under there you can see your posting and click the delete button to the right of the posting to remove it.

  • Yes, you can and we encourage it! We want posting your space to be on your terms and schedule. When posting, include the time limitations for your spot and we will make sure it’s only occupied during those times.

  • When you post a space for rent on CARMAnation the space will be available immediately. Your space will come up in searches once you click “List this Spot”.

  • Once you click “Reserve this Space Now”, a window will pop up prompting you to enter your payment information. You can use your credit card for payment and then will receive a confirmation email including details of your payment.

  • Once the space is reserved and the confirmation email of the reservation is received, the funds will be transferred automatically thereafter into your account.

  • Yes, you can! When listing your spot, you will need to give specific instructions on how to gain access to the garage, and to find the correct space in the garage.

  • Once the space you are renting is confirmed, you will receive private instructions from the owner on how to gain access. You can also send them an email from your account if you have any questions. We encourage communication between parties to ensure the best service.

  • Once your space is confirmed, you will receive a set of private instructions from the person who posted the space. It will give you specific instructions on how to enter the garage, what space to park in, etc. If you have any questions, you can send the person a message through the CARMAnation Message Center.

  • If the driver is still parked in the space after the allotted time is expired, then the driver violated the terms of the contract and the driver will be responsible just as if they parked illegally anywhere else. We first and foremost encourage you to contact the driver and ask them to remove their car. However, as the owner of the spot it is up to your discretion how to move forward with the situation. If this occurs

    Please contact us at hello@carmanation.com.

    Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • If the driver is towed unfairly, the parking space owner will be required to reimburse the fees. Contact the parking space owner directly to seek a reimbursement. In addition, please contact us as well to ensure we are aware of the issue and that the reimbursement occurs - hello@carmanation.com

    Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • Our charities do not disclose how they spend the money that is raised through . However, as a team we have vetted each charity and feel confidant in the organizations we have picked to partner with, based on their best practices. If you are curious about a specific charity and how their funds are used, please contact them directly via the link here.

  • In order for donations to be tax-deductible, the recipient organization has to be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3). Currently all our participating organizations are recognized as such, and therefore are tax deductible.(See, these tax tips about donations from the IRS.

  • We review and verify the validity of each organization before it is available to the CARMAnation community. This is a process which takes a little time on our end but makes it safer on yours. Please send us an email for consideration. If for some reason the organization doesn’t fit our criteria, we will make you aware via email.

  • In most places drivers are required by law to have auto insurance, which includes bodily injury and property damage coverage. Our parking owners deserve a peace of mind, and know they are protected. CARMAnation ’s Insurance program is designed to protect you for covered claims up to $1 million. It’s the latest example of CARMAnation’s commitment to helping create a safe and trusted community. See our Terms of Service for specific information about legal responsibilities and limitations of liability between parties.

  • CARMAnation liability insurance protects parking spot owners up to $1 million, if a driver suffers bodily injury or damages property while parked at your parking spot. Where applicable, subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions. If you’re covered under other insurance, CARMAnation’s Insurance program will be secondary to that insurance. If you don’t have other insurance, ’s Insurance Protection program could act as your primary insurance for qualifying incidents.

  • Carmanation.com is designed as a multi platform site and can be used on any device. We are working on a native mobile app now and it will be available in the near future.

  • We are always considering other cities for CARMAnation. We will let you know as soon as a new city is launched. If you have a suggestion please send us an email to: hello@carmanation.com.